Review by Jennifer Lacey hmm... fabulous wigs and good use of gaffer's tape. this work made me home sick in a strange nice way. i'm from New York and now i live in Paris. there's a casual certain mixture of irony and sincerity that i think of as a particularly american habit/pleasure. For me this work is in a tradition, although i don't know if Rizzi thinks of himself there or if he knows the work i am referring to because no one gave me a program and i have very little idea of his background. but for me this kind of joyful use and misuse of theater codes to create an alive space for the audience and the performers alike falls in line with some stuff i saw in the later 80's and early 90's - Hot Keys performances, everything by Dance Noise and laurie week's summer of bad plays. these things and his thing have a position in common in that their irreverence doesn't seem like a snot-nosed choice but in fact the only possible position. i really like the feeling that things are being deconstructed not because they NEED it but just because we can and maybe there's a way to see things freshly through these openings - like dance for instance. or the performers or the time we have agreed to spend here. i had fun i liked it. i question its relationship to its own content. it seems to be about theater which kind of let me down because it's so hermetic a choice - it contradicts all the fresh air allowed in the structure. but then in the end it seems to be trying to generate a relationship to something more than that. i hope that they keep at it, this group because i would love to see the show that makes it all the way to this place outside the theater.