Die Frage ob in Zukunft Lizenzgebühren für freie MP3-Decoder fällig wären, wird nun endlich eindeutig beantwortet. Thomson , verantwortlich für die Vermarktung der MP3-Technologie, hat ein Statement zum Thema MP3-Lizenzierung veröffentlicht. Statement from Thomson Multimedia Das Statement nun im Originalwortlaut: "In a posting appearing Tuesday August 27, 2002 on the Web site 'slashdot.org', an individual cited a change in the mp3 license fee structure of Thomson and Fraunhofer. The writer of the post apparently misread the mp3 licensing conditions, as Thomson's mp3 licensing policy has not experienced any change. To clarify, since the beginning of our mp3 licensing program in 1995, Thomson has never charged a per unit royalty for freely distributed software decoders. For commercially sold decoders -- primarily hardware mp3 players -- the per-unit royalty has always been in place since the beginning of the program. Therefore, there is no change in our licensing policy and we continue to believe that the royalty fees of .75 cents per mp3 player (on average selling over $200 dollars) has no measurable impact on the consumer experience."