Foto: Transquote

In der letzten Quote des Jahres probieren die Quotinnen etwas neues aus und überlassen der Trans*Quote die Bühne. Unter Trans* fasst das DJ-Kollektiv folgende Befindlichkeiten:

"trans*quote is... FOR every femme who got kicked out of a dyke bar FOR every dyke who was sent to the men's room FOR every chubby dude who's picture doesn't fit gayromeo FOR every trans*fag who wants to be cruised FOR every bear who likes to dance FOR every gayboy who has no sense of style FOR every boi who doesn't wanna bind FOR every butch who has no place to 'suit up!' FOR for every genderqueer kid who is fighting the pronouns FOR every lesbian who doesn't wanna get married FOR every trans*dyke who is not a fucking dragqueen FOR every queen who can't buy high heels in a proper size FOR every sissy butch who's out of nailpolish FOR every lesbian boy, ever faggy girl and all the rest of US!"

Mit Live-Acts von

mani tukano, dorian bonelli, peergroup, crazy bitch in a cave, ms. bourbon and smokie joneses

hostess of the evening: denice

special guest-dj: sissiboi (red)