Changes in Headcount

In 2009 ÖBf AG employed an average of 1,219 staff, 708 of whom were wage earners and 511 salaried employees. Compared to the figure in 2008 of 1,228 (722 wage earners and 506 salaried employees) this constitutes a decrease of 0.73%. Neither of these figures includes the staff who are in partial retirement – 33 wage earners and 44 salaried employees in 2008 compared with 20 wage earners and 26 salaried employees in 2009.

Age Structure

The average age of ÖBf staff rose slightly in 2009 from 42.8 to 42.9 years. The most well represented age group, accounting for roughly one third of all staff, is the 41-50 year olds. The 51-60 year olds are next most heavily represented, accounting for some 30%.

Equal Opportunities

As of December 31, 2009 there were 36 female and 602 male wage earners, as well as 119 female and 389 male salaried employees, giving a total of 155 women and 991 men employed at ÖBf. The ratio of female salaried employees went up by 1 percentage point to 23.4% compared with the previous year, while the ratio of wage earners rose by 1.4 percentage points to 5.6%.

Training and Development

Comprehensive measures were also taken in 2009 with regard to the training and development of staff. Examples here include projects such as the “Equal Opportunities” program at ÖBf AG that aims to position Austrian Federal Forests as a fair and attractive employer to both men and women in equal measure, the “BOKUfirst" program to enable students from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) to gain additional qualifications and a course for forest district assistants.