USA 2015, 106 Minuten

Regie: Joel & Ethan Coen

mit Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Ralph Fiennes, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill u.a.


Ab 18. Februar 2016 im Kino!

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Als der größte Filmstar der Welt entführt und ein enormes Lösegeld für seine sichere Rückkehr verlangt wird, braucht es die größten Stars Hollywoods, um das Geheimnis seines Verschwindens zu lösen. HAIL, CAESAR! entführt das Publikum in einen heiteren Krimi, der den Vorhang zurückzieht und den unerwarteten Humor und die Dramen der Traumfabrik hinter den Kulissen enthüllt ...

"It’s a typically sly, off-center comedy, once again set against the machinery of the motion-picture business. And, as usual with the Coens, it has more going on than there might seem, including in its wrangling over God and ideology, art and entertainment." (THE NEW YORK TIMES)

"There are the serious Coen brothers movies, like 'No Country for Old Men' and, um, 'A Serious Man', and there are the not-so-serious ones. HAIL, CAESAR! is the opposite of their serious ones, and it is delightful." (BOSTON GLOBE)

"Although the Coens have at times seemed to be making films only for each other, HAIL, CAESAR! a bit like 'O Brother, Where Art Thou' before it, wants everyone near and far to come in and enjoy the party. They're having the time of their lives, and we're all fortunate enough to be invited to share in the fun." (LOS ANGELES TIMES)

"This screwball whodunit (or, perhaps more accurately, whosinit) pays homage not only to the stars who populated showbiz’s most glamorous firmament but also to the Coens’ own canon ..." (WASHINGTON POST)

"The last thing a critic expects at the start of a new year – the traditional burial ground for rotting digital corpses – is a major movie from major filmmakers. But that's what you get in HAIL, CAESAR!, a wild whoosh of Coen brothers wizardry that left me laughing helplessly and filled with spiritual dread. That's the Coens for you. Here, Ethan and Joel are messing with our heads more in the rat-a-tat style of The Big Lebowski, Raising Arizona and Burn After Reading than, say, Fargo or Barton Fink." (ROLLING STONE)

"HAIL, CAESAR! is a genuinely entertaining commentary on the insular universe of the studio system, or at least the way it has been memorialized by the history books in larger-than-life proportions. The Coens get their cake and eat it, too: The lavish period details, paired with marvelous song-and-dance routines, work on their own terms while a firm self-awareness looms over every scene. It's a tricky balance indicative of directors who know exactly what they're going for: An old-fashioned homage to classic Hollywood and a send-up of the very same thing." (INDIEWIRE)

"This gorgeously crafted romp through the backlots and Malibu enclaves of Hollywood’s Golden Age tosses off plenty of eccentric comedy and musical razzle-dazzle before taking on richer, more ruminative dimensions, ultimately landing on the funny-sad question of whether life is but a dream factory." (VARIETY)

"This is one of the Coen brothers' jolliest and most carefree films." (INDEPENDENT)

"The picture is such an affectionate ode to the business of movies and the potential for cinematic wonder that I'm half-inclined to presume that its flaws are intentional." (FORBES)

"HAIL, CAESAR! is a lot of fun, and beautifully crafted, too. One to savour." (THE GUARDIAN)

"The combination of the Coen brothers' filmmaking acumen and George Clooney in absolute buffoon mode is again Hollywood magic." (USA Today)

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