USA 2019, 209 Min.
Regie: Martin Scorsese
mit Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel u.a.

Foto: Netflix

"The Irishman" basiert auf dem 2004 erschienen Buch "I Heard You Paint Houses" von Charles Brandt, das die Jahre behandelt, in denen Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran als Auftragsmörder für die Mafia tätig war. Im Verlauf der fünfjährigen Interviews, die Brandt mit dem Killer führte, gab dieser zu, mehr als 25 Morde begangen zu haben – unter anderem war er auch am Tod des berüchtigten Gewerkschaftsbosses Jimmy Hoffa beteiligt.


"… ein raffiniert inszeniertes Best-of in Sachen Mafiafilm mit viel schwarzem Humor … bereits jetzt wird der Film als neuer Oscar®-Favorit gehandelt." – Karl Gedlicka, DER STANDARD

"To watch this movie, especially in its long, graceful final movement, is to feel a circle closing. This isn’t the last film Scorsese will make, or the last film anyone will make about the Mafia in its heyday, but it does arrive at a kind of resting place. Not an easy one, by any means, since what "The Irishman" looks back on is a legacy of violence and waste, of men too hard and mean to be mourned. A monument is a complicated thing. This one is big and solid — and also surprisingly, surpassingly delicate." – THE NEW YORK TIMES

"No-one but Scorsese and this glorious cast could have made this movie live as richly and compellingly as it does, and persuade us that its tropes and images are still vital." – THE GUARDIAN

"Martin Scorsese’s "The Irishman" is a coldly enthralling, long-form knockout — a majestic mob epic with ice in its veins." – VARIETY

"Robert De Niro is sensational in Scorsese’s history making mob masterpiece." – THE TELEGRAPH

"Martin Scorsese’s masterful "The Irishman" is a moving portrait of betrayal and regret" – TIME

"America’s greatest living director creates his late-career masterpiece" – ROLLING STONE

"Scorsese proves he’s more alive than ever." – IndieWire

"Pacino is wonderful – but it’s Pesci who thrilled me to the core." New York Magazine

"But, astonishingly, instead of business as usual, "The Irishman" is a revelation, as intoxicating a film as the year has seen, allowing Scorsese to use his expected mastery of all elements of filmmaking to ends we did not see coming." – LOS ANGELES TIMES

"Scorsese knows his audience and reputation so well that the film constantly plays with, and defies, expectations." –

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