The general manager of Mobilkom Austria Boris Nemsic announced it plans to enter the Serbian market within two months, according to Serbias RTS. It will do so by acquiring a licence for the third wireless operator, which will cost at least EUR 320 million.

Nemsic said that due to the signing of the Serbo-Austrian company “Mobi 63”, which was sold Monday, the third wireless licence in Serbia will cost at least EUR 320 million if granted within the next two years.

After the auction for “Mobi 63”, which was sold to Norwegian Telenor for EUR 1.514 billion, Nemsic explained that Mobilkom gave up from further competition because, in his opinion, the price above EUR 1.5 billion for Mobi 63 is unjustified. He believes that the agreed price of EUR 1.513 billion is the highest possible at this moment and a good one for the citizens of Serbia and the country itself.