Lura is not interested in the sale of its dairy division, and is, therefore, neither engaged in any sort of negotiations with Nieder Oesterreichische Molkerei, nor with any other company on possible takeover. As Lura officials said in a statement, the company, as the leading producer of milk and dairy products in the region, is focused on independent business development relying on its own resources. This would be in short the companys comment on recent rumours in Croatia and Slovenia, according to which Nieder Oesterreichische Molkerei (NoM) aims to acquire one of the dairies in former Yugoslavia, which also mentioned, aside from Lura, Slovenias Ljubljanske mlekarne. Lura officials denied speculations of certain Croatian media, while media in Slovenia still claim that NoM is looking into acquiring Ljubljanske mlekarne, the company which is operating with losses for several years back, and was also heavily struck by unsuccessful re-branding conducted several years ago, which is why the company lost its supremacy in Slovenia for the benefit of smaller local dairies.