At a meeting of ministers within the Organisation for Economic Cooperation at the Black Sea (OCEMN), Romanian Minister of Economy and Commerce Codrut Seres asked his Russian counterpart, Viktor Khristenko, to consider the inter-connection of the power systems of the two countries.“The Ministers from the 12 state members of OCEMN claim the necessity of creating a harmonised regional power policy. The safety of supplying mainly depends on the level of interconnection of the transport networks, as well as on the access to alternative sources,” the Romanian ministry wrote in a communique. Seres also asked Russian group Gazprom if it is interested in the construction of a gas storage facility at gas storage Roman-Margineni, which would store up to two million cubic metres of gas and would require investments of EUR 120-260 million. Seres added that Gazprom could be asked to take part in the Nabucco pipeline project. The project is estimated at USD 5.8 billion and the companies that will construct the pipeline are Botas (Turkey), OMV (Austria), MOL (Hungary), Bulgargaz (Bulgaria) and Transgaz (Romania). "In a meeting that will take place in Vienna, in November, and where Gazprom officials were invited it is possible that they will be proposed to join the project or for the gas they supply to be transported through the pipeline," said Seres.