Mehr als vier Jahre wurde der US-Hacker Kevin Mitnick ohne ordentliche Verhandlung festgehalten, bevor er kürzlich auf "Schuldig" plädierte. Die Original-Faxdokumente, in denen betroffene Firmen den Schaden angeben, den sie angeblich durch Mitnick erlitten haben, sind nun aufgetaucht. "2600 - The Hacker Quarterly" stellte sie online. Übte das IT-Business Druck auf die US-Justiz aus, um ein Exempel zu statuieren? "2600" zu den Dokumenten:
"2600 has obtained the letters sent to the FBI that were used to help calculate "damages" caused by Kevin Mitnick. The following letters can be thought of as the main reasons why Kevin was able to be held without bail for so long and will no doubt be used at his sentencing on June 14 to impose more harsh conditions.

As far as we know, no mention of any of these "losses" was ever made to any of the stockholders of these companies, which to our understanding they are required to do if losses of this magnitude actually took place.

We're making these public because the public needs to know how individuals can be locked away for so long just for pissing off powerful corporations. We believe this also demonstrates how the FBI prodded these companies into giving as inflated a figure as possible. "


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