The executive president of the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), Nicolae Danila, has exchanged most of his shares for Erste Bank stock, business newspaper Ziarul Financiar has reported.According to the newspaper, Danila was the most important individual shareholder of the bank, with a stake of around 0.1 per cent. "Danila has sold a part of the Erste shares immediately, as the offer allowed him to do it. However, he kept the majority of the shares," sources from the bank told Mediafax. It is estimated that Danila got around EUR 6-7 million for the shares he sold. Erste Bank, BCRs owner, launched a bid for the acquisition of the 8 per cent stake held by the employees, offering either EUR 6.5 per share, or one Erste share for every six BCR shares. The bid has started earlier this month and concluded on November 24.