Hirtenberger Beteiligungs GmbH, a supplier of car parts, mainly ignition units and gas generators to leading car manufacturers, has launched a new capacity expanding development at its Hungarian subsidiary Precízióstechnikai Művek Bt, which will be carried out within an already ongoing HUF 1 billion investment programme, economic daily Napi Gazdasag reported.

In the first phase, a new logistic centre will be set up with an investment of HUF 220 million. Finished products, raw materials and wrapping materials will also be stored there. The former warehouse would be converted into a production facility and new assembly lines would be installed there.

The first machineries from Austria are likely to arrive at the plant till the end of January.

Precízióstechnikai Művek Bt reached a turnover of EUR 6.5 million in 2006, while this year the management expects the company to generate a turnover of EUR 20-21 million, Napi Gazdasag writes.