The third mobile telephony operator in Serbia, Mobilkom of Austria, announced that it would start operating in Serbia in early June.

Boris Nemsic, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mobilkom, stated at the global 3GSM conference that, thus far, the company employed 100 workers of the 300 it plans to take on, that it is certain that the company would be using the number 061 and that it would most likely ask the Serbian Telecommunications Agency to grant it the right to use the 060 number as well.

Mobilkom was given the licence to operate in Serbia on December 1st, 2006. The company paid EUR 320 million plus one and the management of the company announced that the company would invest an additional EUR 250 million in the construction of its network.

Nemsic said that Mobilkom would not try to take over the clients of MTS or Telenor, because there is enough space for all three mobile telephony operators in the Serbian market. He added that Mobilkom will fulfil all the obligations it took on by signing the contract for the licence and pointed out that the preparations are going according to schedule and stated that he is pleased with the quality of the workforce the company had employed.