At its 41st session, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) competition regulator brought the decision on permitting a merger between Banca Intesa S.p.a., Milan (Italy) and Sanpaoalo IMI S.p.a., Torino (Italy), writes

Following a detailed legal and economic analysis, the BH Competition Office decided that the mentioned merger would not have significant negative effects on the BH banking and finance markets.

With the same justification, the Office brought the Decision on a merger between the companies "Fomento de Construcciones y Contrata, S.A.", Madrid (Spain) and Alpine Mayreder Bau GmbH, Salzburg-Wals (Austria).

"Fomento de Construcciones y Contrata, S.A." submitted a letter of intention to the Office, notifying this body of its objective to purchase the majority of shares at Alpine Mayreder Bau GmbH and, thus, become its major shareholder.

The effect of the merger on BH market is realised through subsidiary companies of Alpine Mayreder Bau GmbH, being Alpine Investment construction Sarajevo, Alpine Rudnik Lapisnica East Sarajevo and Alpine BH waterworks construction Travnik.

Similarly to the first case, the Council determined that this merger, too, would not hinder, limit or jeopardise free market trade and competition on the BH construction market.

On the other hand, based on preliminary analysis of collected data and information, the Competition Office rejected a merger request of the company Europapier Sarajevo, referring to the Article 12 of the Law on Competition.