During 2006, Erste Bank recorded in Croatia a profit increase of 18.2 per cent compared to 2005. Bank assets amounted to HRK 35.51 billion at the end of year, which enabled the bank to acquire 11.8-per-cent market share. Client deposits amounted to HRK 22.3 billion and increased at the rate of 30.2 per cent during 2006, while the market increased at the rate of 18.1 per cent.  Net loans approved to clients reached HRK 21.9 billion, which is up 19.1 per cent on 2005. During 2006, net income from interests reached HRK 879 million, while net revenues from fees and commissions totalled HRK 217 million (+25.4 per cent over 2005). Income from regular operations reached HRK 1.27 billion, which is up 11.4 per cent on HRK 1.14 billion recorded in 2005. (Business.hr)