The Trade Department of the Austrian Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) organised in Sarajevo a showcase of Austrian information and communication technologies, reports

Four Austrian companies - H&S Heilig und Schubert Software AG, Mils Electronic GesmbH, Umweltdata GmbH i Tech Data Oesterreich GmbH, presented their achievements to 50 BH peers and representatives of institutions involved in IT dealings.

President of the Management Board of the BH IT Association, Brano Vujicic, presented the current condition of the local IT sector. According to him, since 2003 the number of IT companies in BH rose timesfold from 200 to 2,500. The number of employees in this sector also saw a radical increase.

Vujicic said that, so far, BH authorities have supported this industry only verbally, but he added that he hoped this trend will change and that newly-appointed authorities will have a better understanding for the industry, especially regarding legal framework.