Grawe Insurance Sarajevo opened its new business premise in the Sarajevo municipality of Novi Grad, reports George Schneider, Director of Grawe Insurance Sarajevo, said that this investment was worth EUR 5.58 million and that construction of another facility in the vicinity of the newly opened one is underway.

The management of this company says that this is a proof that this insurance agency will remain in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) for a long time. Grawe Insurance has been present on the BH market since 1998, and it has been known for stable and conservative business conduct.

According to, it offers top services of international quality and Austrian standards of security, and it also offers life insurance services, as well as injury and property insurance.

The company employs 133 BH citizens and Grawe Director says that the trend of hiring new employees is to continue.

Grawe is headquartered in Sarajevo and has regional offices in Bihac, Zenica and Mostar. Two more offices are set to start operations next month, in Tuzla and Gorazde.

Director General of Grawe Insurance Othmar Ederer said that last year the company reported insurance premiums of BAM 12.72 million, which is a 15-per-cent increase compared to the previous year.

“A number of contracts last year increased by 22.12 per cent, which means 24,174 new contracts. Our true intention is to invest in development of BH, and not only in opening new work places. All money left here by our clients remains here, and our goal is to invest money on long-term development,” Ederer was quoted by Investitor as saying.