The Serbian Ministry of Capital Investments announced Thursday that the Serbian Minister of Capital Investments, Velimir Ilic, would sign Friday the contract to award the concession for the construction of the Horgos-Pozega Highway with representatives of the consortium comprising the Spanish FCC and the Austrian Alpine Mayreder.

The consortium won the tender in early November 2006, having submitted the lowest bid of EUR 1.5 billion, but the signing of the contract was postponed on several occasions, because of the parliamentary elections in Serbia and at the request of the Spanish company, which required additional explanations and provisions.

The deadline for signing the contract with the consortium expired on March 14th, yet the Spanish company requested an extension.

The concession is being awarded for a period of 25 years and it envisages for the construction of the left lane of the highway from Horgos to Novi Sad, totalling 106 kilometres in length, the maintenance of the 68-kilometre stretch of the highway from Novi Sad to Belgrade and the design and construction of the highway from Belgrade to Pozega, totaling 148 kilometres in length.

The Horgos-Pozega Highway should be a part of the new road to the Montenegrin coast, the total value of which will be EUR 3.5 billion, while the Serbian section of this road should be worth approximately EUR 1.5 billion.