Wienerberger AG, Austrias brick, facade and roof tile maker, will embark on a daunting EUR 120 million capacity expansion programme which will cover both Poland and the Czech Republic, the company said in a press release.

Plans for Poland will be four-plant-pronged and will aim at tangible boost of hollow brick and facing brick production.

Hollow brick output, the statement reads, will rise by 30 per cent once the company completes the greenfield plant in Olesnica, southern Poland, and performs upgrades at Lebork plant off Gdansk and Dobre plant, off Warsaw.

The expansion of the facility off Torun will boost Wienerberger output of hollow bricks by 60 per cent.

The entire upgrade cycle in Poland should be finalised before September next year.

The expansion in the Czech Republic entails the construction of a hollow brick facility from scratch. The plant will be erected in Brozany, in the outskirts of Prague. The project will go simultaneously with an upgrade at Hodonin. Wienerberger bought the facility late last year.

The ambitious upgrade programme comes in response to the enduring uptick of the Polish construction industry and the related growing demand for construction materials. Wienerberger officials were quoted in the statement as saying the group would ensure solid cost savings from the scrap of transportation and duty costs, resulting from imports of materials from West European plants.