Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in South Eastern Europe, has finalized the phase of architectural planning of the future Petrom City. This will become the new headquarters of the company and will host around 2,500 employees who will be moving there starting in 2009/2010.

"The office buildings Petrom City is a complex and ambitious project which reflects the transformation process of the company. The design of Petrom City is based on an innovative and modern concept and will be implemented in accordance with the highest European architectural standards. We want to offer to our employees a working environment of the future that brings a series of technical innovations which combines in the same time functionality with elements meant to facilitate communication”, said Mariana Gheorghe, Chief Executive Officer of Petrom.

Petrom City will have a total gross area of 100,000 square meters and will have five buildings - two oval office buildings, a classical shaped high raised building, a data center, a combined building with a power generation - and a garage for around 1000 parking slots.

The oval shape of the two central buildings was chosen due to its unique capacities to offer equal access from all the points of the building to any other point from the same floor. This improves the communication between employees and increases the feeling of being part of the same entity.

The company will allocate around EUR 130 million for the realization of Petrom City project, which includes the ecological rehabilitation of the plot, erection of the three office buildings, data center, power plant and garage, as well as for the construction of the roads infrastructure.