Austrian oil & gas group OMV has decided to build a data centre in Bucharest, similar to the one operated by the company in Vienna, OMV representatives told Ziarul Financiar.As of 2010, OMV will control all its international operations through its two twin IT centres, one located in Vienna and one in Bucharest. "The setting up of a Bucharest data centre identical with the one we have in Vienna makes perfect sense, given that the two companies are tightly interconnected in their work. Considering that the group has two headquarters, in Bucharest and Vienna respectively, it was necessary for us to also build a new data centre in Romania," stated OMV representatives. OMV is Austrias largest oil-producing, refining and gas station operating company. It is also the largest oil and gas group in Central Europe, Explorations and Production activities in 18 countries on five continents.