Von den Attacken des Worm.ExploreZip-Virus aufgerüttelt, forscht das FBI nun nach dessen Autor. "As was the case with Melissa, the transmission of a virus can be a criminal matter, and the FBI is investigating," Michael Vatis, director of the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NPIC), said in a statement issued late yesterday. Victims of the virus were asked to report any damage to local FBI offices or the NIPC Watch and Warning Unit, which can be reached by email at nipc.watch@fbi.gov . "Because of the destructive payload delivered by this virus, its potential impact is significant," Vatis stated. "All email users should exercise caution when reading their email for the next few days and bring unusual messages to the attention of their system administrator." After the Melissa virus outbreak that began March 26, the FBI joined other agencies to identify and track down whoever had created, then spread the virus. On April 1, a 30-year-old New Jersey man, David L. Smith, was arrested by federal and state officials and charged in the case. He has pleaded not guilty and his case is still pending. (cnet)