Die Website des US-Senats wird zu einem immer beliebteren Angriffsziel für Hacker. Allein in den letzten zwei Wochen wurde sie zwei Mal gehackt. Volltext: The Senate Website was up and fully operational this morning following an attack that appeared to disabled the site on Friday. Contrary to most reports, the Senate site, located at http://www.senate.gov was not broken into, Senate Sergeant at Arms spokesperson Liz McAlhany tells Newsbytes. Rather, hackers, more accurately known as "crackers," went to the Senate's domain name server and rerouted visitors to the Senate site to a non-government server. On that server was placed a site made to resemble a cracked version of the Senate home page, McAlhany said. Senate staffers fixed the problem later that evening. The attack was the second on the Senate site in as many weeks, and Senate security forces are striving to make sure it does not happen again. "We are meeting with (online) security experts this morning to make sure that all of our Internet services meet the highest standards of security," McAlhany said. While McAlhany would not elaborate on what measures the Senate was taking, she said that the Senate has already obtained additional security software. Senate staffers have also been in contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the attack. The "Varna Hacking Group" claimed responsibility for Friday's crack, which among other things replaced the "United States Senate" main banner with the group's name. "You CAN stop ONE, but you can NOT stop ALL," a message at the top of the bogus site claimed. Several of the links on the site took Website visitors to a "Free Kevin Mitnick" site. Mitnick is the accused, famous cracker who is idolized by other crackers. References to Mitnick usually accompany a Website break-in. Other links on the false site, including one from the Varna Hacking Group banner, were referred to an e-mail address at USA.net, which among other things runs a free Web-based e-mail service. At one point, other areas on the site linked to Yahoo and even Playboy. Neither the Senate Website nor the Free Kevin Mitnick site that was linked to the bogus Senate home page bore any mention of the crack on Monday morning. (Newsbytes) Zum Vergleich: Die Original-Senat-Seite Die "gehackte" Seite