Das Dr. Karl Renner-Institut und das Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen laden zur Vortragsreihe mit dem Titel "Bruchlinien der Ungleichheit" ein.09. April 2002 "Gender and Welfare State Change" JANE E. LEWIS (Oxford University, Barnett Professor of Social Policy) 18.00 Uhr, Der Vortrag findet in englischer Sprache statt. Abstract This paper suggests first, that in the recent literature on welfare states gender has entered in two ways: (i) insofar as family change has been considered as a driver of welfare state change; and (ii) in the way in which both family and gender issues have been considered to be of instrumental importance to the future of welfare states. Second, it examines the nature of welfare state change, in particular the re-casting of the work/welfare relationship, focusing on the UK in comparative perspective. Building on Peter Hall’s (1993) framework, the paper argues that the policy developments associated with the new work/welfare relationship represent very different levels of change in different countries. Nevertheless, from a gender perspective, it is argued that the changes amount to a modification of the masculinist model of work and welfare and its generalisation to women. This has profound (and sometimes ambiguous) implications for women’s role as unpaid carers. Finally, the paper suggests that a gender-centred model of welfare state change highlights the need to develop policies that value and re- distribute carework, and in particular that address the issue of time. (red)