Am Sonntag, 16.5.2004 stehen im FrauenCafe die Lieblingsfilme von Petra Paul am Programm. Gezeigt wird

"Tipping the Velvet" (R: Geoffrey Sax, GB 2002, OF, 180 Min)

"Set in the 1890's, this is the tale of music hall stars Kitty Butler and Nan Astley.

Nan meets and falls in love with Kitty, a popular male impersonator.

They become a double act both on and off stage, but closeted Kitty soon betrays her.

Devastated, Nan takes to the streets. To survive, first she wears her music

hall attire and works as a "male” prostitute. Later, she is rescued by the capricious widow.

But Nan searches and finds her one true love..."

Beginn: 19 Uhr UKB: 4,-- (red)