Der Brief von Ex-Vizekanzler Hubert Gorbach an den britischen Finanzminister Alistair Darling, der auf einem Briefpapier der Republik Österreich geschrieben wurde, auf welchem Gorbach handschriftlich "a.D." zu Vizekanzler und Bundesminister hinzugefügt hat, im Wortlaut:

"Frastanz, 18 July 2007

Dear Alistar!

Because of my retirement of the Austrian Government at the beginning of the year I got a lot of inquiries responding different offers concerning consulting-contracts for Austrian firms as well as international firms in order to deploy all my international contacts and beyond of this to use my friendly relations in so many regions.

In respect of the 'handshake' with a very good friend who is leading a big tourism company, I didn't go after this and I declined a lot of inquiries. Now, after considerable time, I feel 'the world in Vorarlberg is too small' and I considered starting my own business in consulting and lobbying.

Because of that I'm going on to establish relations in consulting – that's why I apply to you, my 'long-time friend.' I intend to do project-related activities limited in time as well as I would like to innovate my long and positive experiences, my 'know-how', all my previous experiences – commercial and political – in supervisory boards and advisory boards etc.

Therefore I accepted with pleasure the election in the supervisory board in one of the most famous Austrian firms – the RHI-group (world market leader in refractory products, quoted).

If you know about any area of operation for myself, where I am able to intend all my experiences and my know-how, please let me know, I am available anytime for further information.

At this time the most important thing for me is that our good contacts will be upright furthermore!

I wish you and your team all the best.

With kindest regards"

(Unterschrift von Hubert Gorbach)